• 10 Makeup techniques to slim your face

    10 Makeup techniques to slim your face

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    As every woman knows, weight gain is not always evenly distributed in the body. Under not always, I mean never. According to the body structure, excess weight is usually distributed in an area that is never the one that we want. And if the clothes can hide our body flaws and emphasize the advantages, the fluffy cheeks and chin require a little more effort.

    Fortunately, the cosmetic industry has found a solution for women who want to sharpen the features of their face, providing a bunch of opportunities. Here is a kind of handbook with most effective techniques, that will make your face look slimmer. You can do some amazing things with makeup, if you use the right technique.

    If you just look at pictures of Hollywood stars during a glamorous event and their everyday lives, you can see what miracles the makeup can do. The difference is certainly significant. With a little contouring and a few tricks you are able to make your face look slimmer.

    1. Contouring

    Contouring takes some time in order to be done properly, so you may not want to use it in your everyday life. Once you learn the technique, it is one of the most effective ways to make your face appear slimmer with makeup. It’s all about creating a contrast between light and shadow. Below is a very good and easy to follow tutorial on how to do it.

    2. Thick eyebrows

    Another effective way to visually make the face look slimmer is to use makeup to thicken your eyebrows. The thin, too plucked eyebrows will make your face look more rounded. Use a pencil or eyebrow shadow. Here is an easy tutorial on how to shape your eyebrows and apply makeup.

    3. Highlight the eyes

    If you make the eyes look larger and if they can be easily seen, this will visually slim your face. You can use well-known tricks, like under eye highlight or adding a lighter color in the inner corner of the eye, apply mascara to your eyelashes to give them volume and make them look longer. Check this tutorial for under eye highlighting.

    4. Highlight the the bone structure of the face

    An easy way to make your face look visually slimmer is by emphasizing the bone structure. Shining highlighter on your cheeks will highlight the bone and make you look more subtle. The idea is to highlight the areas where your face picks up light naturally. Check out this 2 minute tutorial on how to highlight your face.

    5. Emphasize the center of the face

    A quick and easy way to make your face appear slimmer and more subtle is to use highlighter in the central part. Start applying the highlighter from the point between the eyebrows, continue down, walk through the nose, upper lip and the central part of the chin. This technique focuses attention away from the cheeks.

    6. Bronzer

    Reduce the size of the chin with a small amount of bronzer. Apply it on the jaw and it will make your whole face look longer. Be careful with the application and distribute it precisely, so it is not noticeable and there are no sharp differences on your face.

    7. Highlight the nose with contouring powder

    To make the nose look thinner than it actually is, apply some contouring powder and highlighter. The powder should be one or two shades darker than your natural face tan and it has to be applied along both sides of the nose, just above the nostrils. Below is a more advanced tutorial on how to make your nose appear smaller than it is, without surgery, only with makeup.

    8. Leave your lips natural

    In order to slim your face the appearance of your lips should be most natural, because too thick lips make your face look fluffy. Just use a little lip balm or clear lip gloss to highlight your lips and make them look good.

    9. Use a matte powder

    Next tip for fine and thin face is to use a matte powder that is a shade darker than your natural tan. This way you will achieve the effect you want. Apply a very small amount on both sides of the nose, jaw and temples. The aim is to look inconspicuous, so be careful with spreading.

    10. Highlight the the shape of the forehead

    The last step is to keep in mind the forehead and the bone structure. When highlighted, it will help you make your face appear slimmer. To do so, apply and merge contouring powder along the border with the hair to your temples. This way you will sharpen your features.

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