• 16 habits that will make you slimmer

    16 habits that will make you slimmer

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    Diets in the world are at least as much as nutritionists and all of them have some drawback. However, the experts agree that there are habits that – turned into daily routine – will help you lose weight.

    1. Do not look at your diet as a punishment

    If you constantly calculate calories and volumes which you can afford, your diet will turn into a prison. However, if you look positively to the new eating habits, they will become a pleasure for you. A piece of chocolate, when you can’t resist it, will not make you fat. The problem is in the amount.

    2. Natural

    natural foods

    Replace processed foods with pure and natural foods. Gradually you will get used to them and learn, not only that they are more delicious, but also beneficial – a fact in which we don’t need to convince you.

    3. Whole Grains

    Look for whole grains when you need to take carbohydrates. Do not deprive yourself of bread, but eat such that has fiber.

    4. Yogurt is your best friend

    Replace sweetened milks and sour cream with yogurt. Use it instead of mayonnaise in your salad. Besides irreplaceable proteins, it contains probiotic ingredients, that take care of the gut flora. It’s calories are also incredibly low.

    5. Smart breakfast

    Choose snacks which contain a combination of protein, carbohydrates and fiber. For example – wholegrain muesli with nuts, honey and yogurt.

    6. Eat the whole

    It is better to eat a whole apple instead of squeezing the juice. This applies to all fruits and vegetables. This way you will obtain precious fiber, that will enhance your metabolism.

    7. Carbohydrates – at breakfast

    Completely eliminating the carbohydrates is not a smart approach. Just eat them at breakfast and your body will quickly absorb and break them down.

    8. Add flavor

    Forget about the salad dressing that you bought from the supermarket. It contains unnecessary much and very harmful fat. It is better to use a little olive oil and lemon dressing, which you’ve made yourself.

    9. Without frying

    Discard the pan. Use a pot for boiling and an oven for baking. Don’t buy products which are supposed for the frying pan, but also can be baked in the oven. In most cases, the producer has added the fat, needed to get the product crispy in it, so they are not less harmful than the fried one.

    10. More spices, less sauces

    Sauces that are cream or sugar based, concealed the true taste of food and add completely unnecessary calories. Experiment with fresh and dry herbs, they will replace the heavy sauces. If you can not resist sauces, then check out these 20 healthy & tasty replacements of mayonnaise – different alternatives of sauces, dips and dressings, that are healthy and delicious at the same time.

    11. Soft drinks are harmful

    Seriously, do not drink carbonated soft drinks. They bring you absolutely no benefit, but only harm. However, if you miss the bubbles too much, drink carbonated water instead.

    12. Something Green

    Something Green

    Always add to your lunch or dinner something green – lettuce, spinach, cabbage. It will satiate you, without having a risk of gaining weight.

    13. Black coffee

    If you get used to drinking coffee and tea without sugar, half the work on your diet is done. However, if you can not drink bitter, replace the sugar with a little honey.

    14. Cook for one

    No need to cook a whole tray of your favorite dish if you are going to eat it alone. Cook individual portions, so you can easily control the amounts of food you eat.

    15. Stay slightly hungry

    Do not overeat, leave some space in the stomach, without overfilling it. If you eat often, but little, your body will get used, that it does not need huge amounts of food in order to function well.

    16. Pamper yourself

    Allow yourself moments of pleasure in your diet. Reward your hard work with small gifts from time to time.

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