• What is your personality and which is your perfect soulmate? – For Men

    What is your personality and which is your perfect soulmate? – For Men

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    Here are 4 man archetypes, which largely can help us determine our personality, strengths and weaknesses. You will also find recommendations about how you can change yourself in order to have a harmonious life and learn what type of women are suitable for you.

    Woman archetypes – http://fatorwhat.com/women-archetypes/

    Man archetypes

    1. Explorer


    About you: You love new things, you don’t like to get stuck at the same place. The opinion of others is important for you. For you the life is like a stage, where you can perform. You love to be the center of attention. You love to experiment and do what nobody around you has done. For you the rules and societal norms are important, but on the other hand you love to break them. With great pleasure you change your job, you like to live in different countries. You are practicing different kinds of sports. You are constantly looking for yourself. You talk a lot and mainly about yourself. Typically you dress very fashionable and have a nice perfume. You love to show luxury. Family is for you a peaceful place, where you love to come back after love storms.
    Strengths: Creativity and courage, ability to take chances. You’re irreplaceable at parties and events. When you enter somewhere with you enters the good mood. That’s why you have many friends and acquaintances.
    Weaknesses: You don’t always bring things to the end. For you it is important what people will say or think. You are not very easy for family life, because you are often quite self-centered and you put your desires at first place.
    Recommendations: Stability can sometimes be useful. You’re wonderful, but pay attention to other people as well. Try to think a little bit more about them. Ask your girlfriend what she wants and do it for her. Sometimes people don’t take you seriously because are joking too much. Show that you can be serious and reliable.
    What women are suitable for you: for marriage – the Girl, who will admire you and can listen to your stories for hours. But if while you conquer new horizons, what you need is food and someone to care for the children, then the Housewife is very suitable for the role of wife. Sometimes you can have friendship with the woman – Queen, or your relationship can be a complete misunderstanding. A relationship with the Mistress can be difficult – on one hand she attracts you, on other both of you love attention and admiration and you are both not always ready to compromise, so there can happen only flirt.

    2. Creator


    About you: Your inner world is important for you and that you feel comfortable in it. Intelligent, profound, reliable. You know what you want and you walk in your own tempo.  You don’t care about the opinion of others at all. Usually you fall in love once and for life. But the woman is not the center of your life. For you are important the self-realization and tranquility. You like to have your personal space, where no one can enter. You’re from the men for whom the inner world is most important. In terms of work you’re in the group of IT-specialists, artists, musicians, writers. People who love profound things. Probably don’t like superficial people. For you it is not important how you are dressed.
    Strengths: Profoundness, fidelity and stability. Living with you is very easy. You give a lot of freedom to your soulmate and you expect the same. You want the woman not prevent you from working. Women love you very much and often the relationship quickly becomes serious and turns into a marriage. You’re caring father and faithful husband.
    Weaknesses: Sometimes you lack of speed and not always have enough ambition and belief in yourself. You don’t always succeed in making a woman to laugh. Sometimes you have the feeling that you are not so funny and women next you get bored.
    Recommendations: Even the best product needs a proper selling, learn to sell yourself. Learn your own strengths and how to present them. Do something spontaneous and unusual for you. Be little more cheeky – is useful for you to develop this. Learn to defend your own boundaries and his wishes!
    What women are suitable for you: The Queen is very suitable for your wife. She gives you power and financial stability, so you have time to create and live in a way that you like. The Housewife is also suitable – at home it will be neat and enjoyable for both of you. The relationship with the Girl is difficult. She has requirements, and you do not always want to fulfill her desires. You prefer to receive than to give. The Mistress is attractive woman, but she wants sex and not always can accept that the new program, that you invent right now is for you more important than sex.

    3. Trader


    About you: Adventurous, successful. Quick thinker, you are always ready for bargains and doing something beneficial for you. But to be fair – sometimes your ideas are also of advantage for your partners and customers. You love to learn and gladly develop new habits and skills, you never stop with this and you invest in yourself with great pleasure. The most important thing for you is money. You love to talk about money, sales, about your business, how successful you are, etc. and about how much your clothes, car, travel, etc. are costing.
    Strengths: Smart, successful, fast. You love and you can risk in the business. You are ready for change. You manage to solve all problems and for you the crisis is an opportunity. You don’t stop and you go with ease forward.
    Weaknesses: You’re too strict with yourself and others. You have many requirements and for others it is not easy to live and communicate with you. Sometimes you overdo with work and do not trust anyone. You think too much about money, that’s why you are dependent on them.
    Recommendations: Have a little more trust in people. Women do not want to use you, give them a chance to show you their love. Stop working so much. Life is passing, you will not earn all the money in the world. When was the last time you had a rest, without thinking about work?
    What women are suitable for you: You love to be intrigued, so the Queen and the Mistress are very suitable for wife or lover. Of course, with them it won’t be easy for you. But you love when things are difficult, right?! The Girl is not suitable for you – she annoys you somewhat. But on the other hand her helplessness attracts you very much and there is possible a stable marriage. Of course, no one expects that you will be faithful throughout all your life. The Housewife is for you a woman from another universe and you don’t find her very interesting.

    4. Ruler


    About you: You love the power and for you it is most important. You love to rule and you know that you are good at it. You dress only in designer clothes and you drive an expensive car, but do not like to talk about it. You want women to like you for your inner qualities and you hate to talk about money. You love it when it is fun and cheerful. You love young and beautiful women. You are very good in courtship. You like to give expensive gifts and to make women happy. You are very caring and people strive to work with you. Women dream to marry you. Men respect you, your friends often are not only friends but also partners in business or sports.
    Strengths: Smart, powerful, dominant, successful. You induce respect and admiration in others. People expect from you orders and support simultaneously. You love to be first. If you do something – you do it till the end and very professionally. You achieve a lot due  to your inner strength and the desire to work hard. You are strict to yourself and to others.
    Weaknesses: You have too little weaknesses. Sometimes you lack of humanity and the ability to forgive. Not everyone is so ingenious and strong like you.
    Recommendations: Compromise with others and comply with them a little bit more. People are afraid of you, so sometimes you miss important information. Allow yourself to express your feelings – you are a living person and you have the right to show your real face. Show that you are not as dangerous as you are trying to look like.
    What women are suitable for you: The Girl and the Mistress are suitable for marriage (it is perfect if the woman combines both roles). You like their sexuality and their admiration for you. For you it is important that she is beautiful and well maintained. With the Queen you would rather build a business relationship – she induces your respect. With the Housewife you won’t understand each other very well, because you think that for the household work there are cleaning ladies, and your wife must be beautiful, you don’t want Cinderella at home. You want and choose to live with a princess.

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