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    Mandala dance: harmony and balance for your body and mind

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    Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle”. It is a symbol of significance in Hinduism and Buddhism. Mandala dance is a technique for connecting with the femininity, for freeing ourselves from everything that hinders us and for giving way to the new. To the joy, to the love, to the light. It is a moving meditation, which connects inner and outer body. Connecting of left and right part of the body through dance harmonizes our energy and helps to find balance into the body.

    The tempo of the modern life dictates, that a woman has to be energetic, active, results-oriented. The state of peace in many women creates the illusion of wasted time. It seems that life is only possible in the flow of events. But a woman can win, when she first remains in a state of peace and relaxation and then begins to act.

    When a woman is contrary to her true nature (of peace and relaxation), she begins to act erratically. Even if she has enough active (male) energy, there can occur the other side of the female nature – irrational thinking, which deprives her actions by any logic.

    The state of deep relaxation and peace is the basic principle for circulation of the female energy. Then we gain confidence!

    Action is a privilege of men – this is their strength. The strength of a woman is in the energy of peace and relaxation. The woman embraces everyone with her energy. Only in a state of relaxation and peace, she can hear and follow her intuition and be wise. The man is the mind, the woman – feelings. How to see the perfection in us and in others? How to recognize the beauty in everything, how to feel joy, how to love, how to feel happy, how to feel desired and to enjoy?

    Mandala dance guides you to a connection with the Earth. Trough a deep, conscious tantric breathing and using your intimate muscles you are grounded and connected to the Earth – to feel her power, her wisdom, love and support. The movement brings awareness of the fears, that block us emotionally, spiritually mentally and physically. It is a healing process the body and the soul, that helps us to realize all painful memories and to heal them.

    Through the figure-of-eight (Eternity Symbol), through spirals, through waves and undulations, and through circles the energy is consciously directed in the body. While dancing these sacred patterns, the colors of the rainbow are visualized. The chakras (energy centers) are being harmonized and aligned and the right and left (male and female) energies are brought in balance.

    In Mandala dance exist 3 basic levels

    The 1st level is our bodies’ Mandala. On this level we deeply connect with our body and breath. It is a process of coordination, finding a balance within, harmonizing energy. At this level there’s no dance yet, but a basic movement, reminding who we are through movement, breathing, bringing attention to every part of the body.

    At the 2nd level we stand in the Women’s Circle – this is a middle Mandala. If you look from above, you can see its a constantly changing figure through the dance. Our movements and breath are being synchronized, all energies are integrated  in one, creating the beauty of the dance. In circle of femininity our capacities and wisdom are exchanged.

    The 3rd level is a Mandala of the universe. We connect with the energy fields of the Earth and sky and the four directions. This is a dance in a few circles and each circle creates unique pattern of the dance. This is a multi-level dance.

    History of Mandala dance

    The creator of the Mandala dance is Maya – master of sacred knowledge about human nature. While travelling around the world for many years, Maya came to India, where she led the contact improvisation classes, african dance classes, sufi and tantric meditations, at the same time practicing massage and energy healing.

    While teaching, gradually she started to realize that there is something in common, something that is in the very base of all the practice she was teaching. And once Maya just saw the opportunity to unite the dance, meditation and healing in the one practice. She called it Mandala Dance. This is a dance because the basic form of its development is a dance. And this is Mandala because of the universality of the practice that joins together all the traditional knowledge of woman’s nature.

    Since november 2007, Maya started to share Mandala Dance with women. It turned to be admirable and exciting experience, that showed the women the possibility to recall the connection with the primordial nature, that heals and opens up our inner potential. Women of different age and different nationalities come to Mandala Dance workshops, and for every woman Mandala Dance opens slightly the very nature of the Woman.

    Various workshops and classes for men and woman, that open their primordial nature and integrate all experiences and qualities of life are held regularly in 30 cities in Russia, as well as in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia. Mandala dance becomes more and more popular, and women come from many countries, like France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, India, Thailand, Singapore, Bali to participate in this experience.

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