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    Nutritionist says there are 3 body types and reveals the best foods for each

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    In Ayurveda there are highlighted three body types or ‘doshas’. Nutritionist Lee Holmes teaches people how to eat right for each one. She says that there are three different body types – Vata, Pitta and Kapha, that all require different diets and different activities to keep them balanced and healthy.

    When she went to India, Sydney-based nutritionist Lee Holmes immersed herself in this lifestyle, which according to her made her skin look better, she felt better than ever and had more energy. Before she first travelled to India she was size 12, but after studying the Ayurvedic lifestyle, Ms Holmes now feels better than she ever has and wears now size 10.

    In India she studied the three different body types, or “doshas” – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. She also focused on doing things that suited her own body type. According to her, she immediately noticed that her skin was glowing, her digestion improved and she had more energy than ever.

    The Ayurvedic lifestyle is based on four main principles which are eating nourishing foods, cleansing and detoxing the body, yoga and meditation and physical and emotional wellbeing.

    Ms Holmes says also, that people can identify themselves with a mixture of doshas. She identifies herself as a Vata-Pitta. According to her these people should focus heavily on eating right for the seasons. She adds that even minimal changes can make a huge difference to how you feel and balance you again.

    To teach people how to eat right for their dosha and help them bring their body and wellbeing into balance through various lifestyle changes and recipes, Ms Holmes recently published the book Eat Right For Your Shape.

    The different body types, or ‘doshas’ in the Ayurvedic healing system


    Vata people are often more of a banana shape and they easily feel cold.They are prone to dry hair and skin, generally have oval-shaped faces, small eyes and can be prone to poor circulation. They are also highly energetic, ‘flighty’, creative and talk a lot.

    What should you eat?
    People who identify with the Vata type should try and eat good fats and oils, warming foods and cooked vegetables.
    What happens if you are out of balance?
    Heightened fear and panic.
    Other ways to balance?
    Keep warm, avoid frozen foods, get adequate rest, enjoy walks outdoors, creative pursuits, cat-cow yoga poses in the morning.


    Pitta tend to be more athletic, medium-sized build, gain weight quickly but also lose it quickly, they are often warm, have a triangular shaped face and feel often hungry. Pitta often have fine hair and strong fingernails. They often have a high intellect and do well in a competitive environment.

    What should you eat?
    People who identify with the Pitta type should eat cooling foods like fresh vegetables and fruits and dark leafy greens.
    What happens if you are out of balance?
    More intense and angry.
    Other ways to balance?
    Stay cool, exercise out of the heat, mediate after 6pm, yoga poses – especially abdominal twists, water activities and tolerance.


    People who identify with the Kapha often are bigger, slower and heavier, struggle with losing weight and are ‘peacemakers’. They have thick or oily skin, round faces, large eyes and boast full lips and large strong teeth. Their immune system is often strong. They are steady, peaceful, grounded and nurturing.

    What should you eat?
    Kapha types should try and eat dry foods like vegetables, fruits, salads and warm and spicy foods.
    What happens if you are out of balance?
    Envy and greed.
    Other ways to balance?
    Stay active, avoid heavy meals, avoid dairy food, don’t nap during the day, heart-opening yoga poses and dry body brushing.

    source: dailymail

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