• People want to f*ck beauty, but they get in love with personality

    People want to f*ck beauty, but they fall in love with personality

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    Women can do amazing things to attract the man of their dreams. When a woman is in love, she wants to be the most beautiful woman in the world! She agrees to every beauty procedure, promising to make her more beautiful.

    But wait for a while … have you seen a couple, where at first sight you thought “Why is he with her? He’s so handsome, and she’s much too ugly, fat, etc. for him!” Well, you are not the one who’s deciding this for someone else’s relationship – and that’s the good news!

    When we are in love we want to be beautiful, but people fall in love with our personality – with who we are, what is important for us and not because of our looks. The one, that you find attractive is probably also not the most beautiful man in the world. At least not for others, but for you he is – because you look at him trough the eyes of love, which often give you a little blurry image in the beginning of an relationship and through them you can’t see some character flaws.

    We get attracted at first place to the appearance of someone, to their beauty, charm, how they are dressed, etc., but this is before you have had even a conversation with the person. Then, when we start dating someone we are at first place more busy with ourselves. We want to be attractive, to look sexy – we want to be desired.

    When a woman meets a man, he can be the Playboy, who is most of the time too optimistic, the Shy Boy – the opposite of the Playboy – he is mostly too pessimistic about the relationship or the Normal Guy, who knows very well what he wants and waits for the right time and person.

    1. The Playboy (the optimist)

    He wants to make a score, as a man, he just has the duty to f*uck every beautiful chick who comes on his way and show her his bedroom as soon as possible. He thinks that he’s a guru in the bedroom, there he’s at his best. That’s why such a guy is jumping from one to another potential subject.

    2. The Shy Boy (the pessimist)

    He has low self esteem and he thinks she’s too beautiful for him, even if something happens between them she’ll leave him, it’s pointless and so on. If he falls in love with her – she’s too beautiful, someone else will “steal” her, then he will be left behind with too many pain – hurted and lonely. In his mind are coming 1000 reasons per second why this won’t work out well.

    Now, while the Shy Boy underestimates himself, this doesn’t mean that he’s the uglier one. The case can be totally opposite. The Shy Boy can be the cute one, and the Playboy – the ugly, but super confident one.

    3. The Normal Guy (the realist)

    This is the third variant. He is the Normal Guy, who is realistic and has objective evaluation about himself. He knows exactly which are his strengths and uses them in the exact time. He knows mostly also what he’s looking for in a woman. He doesn’t chase every woman comming on his way, but when he finds what he’s searching for – he knows how to get it.

    Ok, the beauty and the beast just met!

    At this point there’s only attraction.

    After some time, when things get “sure” between them – women sometimes start doubting, questioning man’s feelings, searching for prove that this is the love of their life. Men on the other hand think “Ok, I got her, she’s mine! No need to pretend to be the most romantic guy in the world anymore! Now I can watch every football game on TV, throw my socks all over the floor and fart freely whenever I want! If there’s a problem I buy some flowers, go out for a dinner – solved!”

    What happens? Will they stay together? – It depends. On the woman. On the man. On their archetype.
    Below you can check the 4 man and 4 woman archetypes, which largely can help us determine what will happen with a relationship and how successful it will be.

    Man archetypes
    Woman archetypes

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