• Why is so easy to gain weight back and how to stop the Yo-Yo effect?

    Why is so easy to gain weight back and how to stop the Yo-Yo effect?

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    Everybody who has been on a diet knows, that the most difficult part is to keep your weight stable after the diet. The period after a diet is most difficult for us, because then we face no rules. When you are on a diet you know what you can and cannot eat. After this when everything is allowed happens something much more than the fact that you got slimmer. You are happy and excited with the results. You think, that you eat less now, but after sometime, imperceptible you get back to where you’ve started. Sometimes it gets even worse and you have gained a few extra kilos on top of that.

    The Yo-Yo effect happens, because your mind is not yet prepared for the change. You feel like another person, you are excited, this is just not your normal state and your mind knows it.

    Our body is like our home to us

    Our body is like our home to us and if you have lived at one place for 18 years, it is not easy to leave it, knowing you’ll never ever go back there. There’s something going on deeper, on psychological level in losing weight. You are going to a place completely unknown to you, a place where you have never been before, or you have visited for a while a long time ago.

    Think now for a while, how you felt when you moved out of your parents house or if you didn’t do it yet how would you feel if this happens? It is not an easy step and you need some time to realize and accept the facts. The same thing happens with dieting – in the beginning you get excited when you see the results and if they come slowlier, then you easily get desperate.

    But, wait a little…

    Did you started this because you wanted to get slimmer for a while, or you wanted to become a healthier person who is always in good shape?

    If it’s the first case – well, then you’ll always meet the Yo-Yo effect after each next diet you follow. You’ll hope, that this diet will be a better one for you and the results will stay. But, if you reach out for sweets and snack every day – they won’t stay and you will easily gain weight back.

    You put so many efforts and struggled all the way to get rid of those extra kilos, but you also love chocolate so much. If you gain the weight back you’ll start all over again with that diet. Results were not bad at all – no problem!

    No, no there’s a problem, and you have to face it and solve it. If sweet is such a big problem for you and you think, you can’t live without eating any sweet – well, you actually can.

    No Sweet is No Problem

    When I was little I had a friend, she loved so much all kinds of sweets, that she could eat only this all day long. I remember how her parents had to hide sweets from her in a cupboard high enough, so she couldn’t reach them. And one time, when such thing happened I was also there. She started crying, shaking all her body, her head was all red from crying, she was mad. She wanted that chocolate in the cupboard and that’s it. However she didn’t get it. Now she doesn’t eat sweets at all. She even drinks her coffee and tea without sugar. Can you imagine this! From a total sugar-addict to no sugar at all. When she could do it, you can also do it.

    Only the first few weeks without sweet are difficult. After that you are able to think clearly and before reaching out to a cake, you ask yourself questions, like “Do I really need to eat it?”, “Can I live without it?” Then the answers are clear. You don’t need to eat sweets if they make you fat. Of course you can live without sweet! You just have to find a delicious and healthy replacement of it. Natural sugars from fruits are a perfect option for that. Eating a fruit salad instead will make you full and can also be very tasty. It will also not harm your figure as a cake will do.

    To stop the Yo-Yo effect you just have to stop with diets. Start adding different foods to your menu and remove those which are unhealthy and give you no food value. Make a plan to get rid of extra weight for a year, not for a month. This is also the better scenario, because then your skin will also have the time to react on the changes and won’t hang down as if you lose the same weight for a month. If you make your plan for a year you can also eat normal. You won’t feel this stress, that you have with diets and you’ll  have the time to assimilate the change.

    Discover food

    Discovering new tastes and foods from countries all over the world will help you a lot. All you can do is a google search, find recipe that you think you will find delicious and cook it. This way you can enjoy both the food and your figure in long term.

    If you are good in the kitchen and you like improvising, then you can think of recipes yourself. Check out this list of 70 Superfoods to Add to Your Menu Now! These foods can be mixed up to a delicious meal which also gives you extra health benefits.

    If you think about this as a diet, it probably won’t work out well for you. You’ll see some results and then easily you’ll gain back every single kilo you got rid of. That’s why, for you is maybe better not to do diets. This way you’ll only confuse your organism, which can lead to another health problems. If you love the fat fast food, more than anything else on this world, then just enjoy it! As long as you can. Nobody can, and is going to force you to eat better food. If the unhealthy and low quality food is most important thing in your live, it’s ok! It’s most important you to feel comfortable with your body and yourself. If this is the case, then you may be don’t need to change your eating habits.

    If you don’t feel comfortable in your body, if you are searching for a change and if you are ready to make it, then make a long term plan. A plan to watch out what you are eating and to discover different kitchens from around the world, then you’ll be on the right path. You’ll enjoy your journey and you will never meet the Yo-Yo effect!

    Make the first step and start your journey to the better you today!

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