• Hidden female sexual signals

    Hidden signs of sexual attraction

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    How a man can quickly determine whether a woman likes him and how you can attract the attention of a man, if you are a woman? Which are the hidden sexual signals, that a female sends, if she is interested in a male? Movements of the body, showing interest in the potential partner, which mean “green light” for a man.

    Who sends the first signal?

    The one who sends the first signal for flirt is the woman. She chooses always first! So, in brief the flirt process looks like this: the first signal is sent from the female. The second – from the male – he sends back a signal, indicating, that he noticed her attraction. The third signal is send again from the female. It confirms, that she can be conquered.

    Signs that she is sexually attracted to you

     1. Touching  – she is touching her hair, playing with it, touching her neck, playing with a jewelry. If she is together with a friend, they may accidentally touch each other.

     2. Attracting attention  – frequent change of postures, she passes several times around the man with a teasing walk. Bends to pick up something, hides her belly, pushes her chest forward, fixes her clothes, puts a lipstick.

     3. Playful look  – a quick look at the man – usually up to 3 seconds, after which she fast looks down or to the sideways. After a minute their looks meet again.

     4. Laughing and speaking loud  – when the man shows, that he is interested in the woman, she starts laughing with her girlfriends and speaking louder, so he can hear what they are talking about. It is also possible that they are whispering and looking at him.

     5. Playing with objects  – she plays with a drink, sliding her fingers around the rim or the stem of a glass, playing with the heel of her shoe, playing with a ring or other jewelry.

     6. Shortening the distance  – She comes closer to the territory of the man. Puts her bag around him or takes something from his plate. Leaning slightly forward to tell him something. With other words, she tells him “I want to get closer to you”.

     7. Showing her neck, armpits, inner side of the arm  – In the animal world, when an animal wants to show that it had lost, it lays down and stretches its neck. This way the animal shows its opponents, he can do with it whatever he wants. Same it is with women. When a man has passed successfully all her checks, she shows him her neck. As if telling him, that he has passed the test and he can have her. The same applies to the armpits and the inner side of the arm.

     8. Playing with lips  – when a man provokes sexual interest in a woman, she begins unconsciously licking and playing with her lips, opening slightly her mouth.

     9. Body posture  – when a woman likes a man, then her body is directed towards him. This applies especially for the knees, hands and body.

     10. Indicating she is ready for sex  – first – the presence of at least 5 of the above signals and second – dilated pupils, slightly open lips, undulating body movements – sometimes she stretches her legs forward, leans her body forward, rapid breathing, that becomes deeper.

    Next time you wonder whether a woman is sexually attracted to you, look for these signals. Women like to seduce men in a sexy, feminine way. That’s why for men it is sometimes difficult to recognize if she is just friendly or attracted to them? These are the signals of female attraction. If you recognize at least 5 of them in her behaviour – it is time for action!

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