• Does it matter what you eat if you want to lose weight?

    Does it matter what you eat if you want to lose weight?

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    What to eat when you want to lose weight?
    Does it really matter what you eat and how it affects the results you achieve?
    The answers of these questions are very important for achieving the fit body you have ever wanted.

    Food quality and type of foods we eat every day are very important not only for long-term results but also for our health. You have heard about “You Are What You Eat”.

    Yes, everybody knows what to do to stay in shape…but some of us just don’t do it. Here comes the question – Do you really know what to do?

    It may surprize you, but it is not that difficult to get and stay fit. Think for a while – have you always had those extra pounds or you were fit in your childhood? Do you have friends who are in good shape and have always been? What do they do? Unless they are not personal trainers or supermodels and this is their job I bet it’s not spending all day in the gym and eating all kinds of grass and seeds. Mostly they don’t even watch out on what they’re eating. Now if you think “Yes, but it’s easier for them, they have always been slim”…it is not exactly like this and I will tell you why.

    Change Your Attitude Towards Food

    There’s one major difference between slim people and those who are overweight and it is – Their Attitude Towards Food. Slim people like food, appreciate food and those with more or less extra kilos see it as their enemy and ruler. So, if you want to loose those extra pounds this is the first thing you have to change – Your attitude towards food.

    You have to start thinking about food in a different way. Changing your eating habits is not as painful as it sounds. Healthy food that you cook yourself usually is much more delicious than ready to eat meals and fast food. And eating healthy is also not necessarily more expensive.

    Find Your Yummy Healthy Thing!

    To make the difference you have to set your mind on different vibration. Stop thinking about food as your enemy. It is not. Just think of foods you like and which are also healthy, then mix different tastes together. Find your Yummy healthy thing! If you like brussels sprouts or broccoli for instance you can cook them with soft cream cheese with garlic and herbs, add onions to the recipe or something else you find a fit to it. If you like potatoes and let’s say tuna you can also mix baked potatoes with tuna can in olive oil and add onions… simple and tasty! These meals will make your stomach full, will give you vitamins and minerals and they are relatively low in calories. Check out the menu of your favourite restaurant – What dishes do they have? Get ideas about your menu from there. Internet is full with websites of world class chefs – visit them as well. I will list some of them at the bottom of this page, as well as other useful links. Find the taste you like and start cooking!

    Have a Patience & Trust yourself!

    If you want to get in perfect shape tomorrow, or you think a diet that promises 5kg off for a week is reasonable and with it you’ll lose only fat and nothing else, good luck with that! How do you expect weight that you have been gaining for years to disappear overnight? It just won’t happen! That’s why short after every diet you follow, you go back to the starting point easily. Such diets confuse your body. And I can tell you that our bodies are very smart! They remember what your normal state was and they aim to go back to it as soon as possible, sending you again and again signals of hunger, because there’s something going on, that is not normal.

    Changing your weight and body shape affects also your mind and you have to prepare for it.
    Don’t let a child, for example go anywhere until their 18 and then send them to an university in another city or country… what you think will happen? 99,9% of cases they won’t follow the sample, their parents learned them but will go partying like crazy every night, all night long. They will want to catch up on everything they have been missing all these years. Something similar happens with your body after yet another diet. You want to catch up on everything you have missed while being on diet. Just a little …of chocolate, cake, chips, burger, etc. and without you know it you are back to the beginning point.

    What can help you, setting your mind on different vibration?

    Think about what you want to achieve in life. What you really want to do and concentrate all your energy there. (Getting slim is not the goal of your life). Looking like a model won’t solve all your problems…unless you want to be a model. You’ll just have another kind of problems then.

    Think about what are your hobbies, what do you like to do, what you want to learn. If you don’t have any idea, then you can start learning a new language – this is always a good idea!

    Concentrate your mind on other important things in life, enjoy the meals that you cook yourself and the results will come.

    Don’t Buy Non-Stick Cookware, But Non-Stick Food

    Don’t forget – food that you eat is very important.

    If you don’t believe me, try it yourself. Take a pot and put inside the things you normally eat, then put it in the oven on 98.6 degrees fahrenheit or 37.0 degrees celsius for a day. This is the normal core body temperature of a healthy, resting adult.Though the body temperature measured on an individual can vary, a healthy human body can maintain a fairly consistent body temperature that is around the mark of 37.0 degrees celsius.

    Now, if there are meatballs, yellow cheese or snacks the result will be, that everything is sticked to the pan, so you’ll need some extra time to clean it again. A part of that “sticky black thing” in the pan you see, frying your favourite meatballs goes in your body and sticks there too. And if there are some healthier – “non-sticky” foods like salad, mozzarella, potatoes or soft cream cheese instead the pan can be easily washed. So don’t treat your body like a trash can! Of course you can afford time to time a cake or your favourite chips, but these don’t have to be in your daily menu.

    Getting and Staying in Good and Healthy Shape is a Journey

    There’s one very important thing to remember – getting and staying in good and healthy shape is a journey! It means changing your habits and learning to cook tasty and healthy food. Then the results will come.

    And if you lose your motivation – think about when you go somewhere. You step out of the door, you make a few steps but you are still not there. What do you do then? Do you stop and go back thinking – No… I can’t go there, it’s impossible, I can’t do it, it’s too far! – Or you just keep walking, knowing that you will reach your destination?

    What I want you to do now, is to find your favorite healthy recipe and to share it with us here as a comment. It will help others.

    I will start with my favourite Pasta Salad – Vienna.

    Pasta Salad – Vienna

    For it you’ll need:
    – 250 gr. Cherry tomatoes
    – 150 gr. Ready Mix of salads  (Arugula, Lollo rosso and Swiss Chard).
    – 1 can of Tuna in sunflower or olive oil
    – 1 x 125 gr. package Soft cream cheese with garlic and herbs
    – Optional: 400 gr. Mushrooms
    – arrox. 80 gr. of long Fideo (coiled vermicelli pasta).
    – 3 Fresh green onions.
    – Little bit of Sambal to your taste.

    Put the pasta to boil (Check the package for cooking instructions). If you like to add mushrooms, then wash and cut them in tiny slices, then put them in a pan to fry with little oil. Cut cherry tomatoes on halves, mix them in a big bowl with the salad mix, tuna, cut the onions in thin slices and add them in, add the soft cream cheese with garlic and herbs. If you like spicy, then add also a bit of sambal. Let the champions to get good fried in the pan, then they are tastier. When ready, add them to the bowl. When the pasta is ready, put it for a minute under cold water, so it gets warm and add it in the bowl. So now you have not only an healthy, but also a very tasty dish!

    Let me know if you liked it!

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