• Why is breakfast so important?

    Why is breakfast so important?

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    They say the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Every nutritionist will advise you to start your day with a healthy breakfast. In the next few minutes we will have a look on why exactly is the breakfast so important? – Not only for children but also for adults. And what includes the healthiest breakfast, according to studies?

    Breakfast triggers the metabolic processes, which have been slowed down during sleeping and makes the processing of the calories, taken later during the day easier. It gives us energy and supports physical activity of the organism throughout the day. It helps stabilize the blood sugar levels in our body, which are regulating our appetite and energy.

    People who have a breakfast feel less hungry and are less likely to overeat throughout the day. In fact many studies have shown that overweight people often skip breakfast and that slim people have breakfast.

    Any breakfast is better than no breakfast

    Healthy, or not so healthy – eating something for breakfast is much better than not eating anything at all in the morning. Because this food has much higher chances to be digested by your organism, than an unhealthy late night dinner. Compared to skipping breakfast, high in protein breakfast reduces the ghrelin concentrations, which have a major role in regulating the appetite, and lowers the chances of evening snacking.

    Skipping breakfast also contributes to making of poor food choices over the rest of the day and in long term increases the chances of obesity.

    Of course the best is, if your morning meal contains complex carbohydrates, which release their energy slowly throughout the next few hours, protein and fibers, that make you feel full longer.

    What includes the healthiest breakfast?

    Several studies, conducted with children and adults, aiming to fight obesity and overweight, show that a good breakfast can cope with those problems without drastic diets and restrictions.

    At the University of Pennsylvania several months of tests showed that egg for breakfast is a must. The second recommendation to include in your breakfast is whole grain bread. Adding a glass of 1% fat content milk and a peach gives you the perfect combination for a healthy start of the day.

    By adding egg to your breakfast you will cut 70 to 100 kcal of your lunch without feeling hungry.

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