• What is your personality and which is your perfect soulmate? – For Women

    What is your personality and which is your perfect soulmate? – For Women

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    Here are 4 woman archetypes, which largely can help us determine our personality, strengths and weaknesses. You will also find recommendations about how you can change yourself in order to have a harmonious life and learn what type of men are suitable for you.

    Man archetypes – http://fatorwhat.com/man-archetypes/

    Woman archetypes

    1. Girl


    About you: you are a woman – girl. You’re emotional and imminent. You believe in fairy tales and that somewhere there’s a prince, waiting for you and that only he can make you happy. You easily enchant people with your kindness and faith in them. By you a lot of things happen easily by itself. You’re sure that someone will take care of you. You’re youngish and you dress up in funny clothes. You almost never have manicure or your nails are very short. You don’t put makeup and you wear funny, but cheap jewelry. You prefer sports or comfortable shoes, because you love to walk.
    Strengths: You provoke easily in men the desire to take care of you, to make you gifts and to want love you. People trust you and men next to you feel smart and strong. Among your friends you feel happy and relaxed.
    Weaknesses: You do not always know what you want and what you strive for. Sometimes you are too emotional and complaining that people are not always perceiving you as a sexual woman. You don’t trust in yourself and you can not always defend your strengths or ideas.
    Recommendations: Stop wearing goofy kids clothing! Get rid of this shirt with Mickey Mouse! You are a woman! Learn at least a few words about sex and say them out loud to yourself first, and then to others. Think about few goals that you want to achieve and do everything possible to turn this dream into reality. You are capable of everything, why do you believe so easy in others and not in yourself?
    What men are suitable for you: For marriage – the man Ruler is perfect for you, he is looking for a girl who believes in him and supports him. He will be caring and give you stability. For an affair and adventure – the Explorer, with him it will be fun and together you will continuously come across pleasant adventures. For you it is not always easy to get along with the Trader and the communication with the Creator is very difficult.

    2. Mistress


    About you: You are passionate and desired, there are always men around you. The men call you minx and dirty. They often make you dirty proposals. You take very good care about your body and vision. You have more male friends than women, because in their company feel better. You notice that quite often women are envy and jealous on you. You dress provocatively to attract more attention. You love bright designer clothes and beautiful jewelry that emphasize your beautiful neck or plunging neckline. You love to show yourself out and to flirt.
    Strengths: Maintained and beautiful, you feel the power of your sexuality. You’re like a volcano, that’s why you are so interesting to men. You get everything you want from life and rarely someone can refuse you. You’re super energetic and bright, you can’t be unnoticed.
    Weaknesses: Sometimes you are perceived only as a sexual object and people don’t see your personality. Because of the fact that sex is so important to you and you emphasize it, your sexuality sometimes turns into a protective armor to the outside world. You don’t let people close and that’s why often your relationships are superficial, built mainly on sexual level. Sometimes people don’t perceive you as a good specialist, because your sexuality confuses them.
    Recommendations: Divide your work from your personal life. Clothing good for attracting men, you don’t have to also wear at work. If you want to build the status of a serious professional in the company you work – dress in formal clothing. Don’t rush with the sex. Give your partner the time to get to know you as a person first. Show you’re serious and that your relationship is important to you. Prove that you can be monogamous and save him the stories about your past amorous adventures.
    What men are suitable for you: For marriage – are you sure you want marriage? If you really decided to marry, Try a creator – because he is very busy with his work, will close his eyes for all your fleeting novels. But here it is dangerous, that it is not as sexual as you and this can lead to misunderstanding between you. With Governor marriage would be just wonderful if, if you really love and want to be with this man. As an affair – recommended a dealer – it is always a challenge, “you are fighting and playing» and this amuses you. Pioneer for you like “parrots”, they tease that constantly want to win your attention. You want the same – to get attention, not to give it.

    3. Queen


    About you: Strong, independent, confident, financially independent. You know what you want in life and how to achieve it. You fear anything. Men communicate very well with you. Sometimes they share their financial secrets, because often to them you are as “man” and you can give them a good advice. Your dress code is very strict and formal. Your clothes are always ironed and well maintained, you know how to dress well and you dress in expensive brands. For you it is important to show your status. You communicate with people who may be useful for you. You don’t like to waste your time, so you are pretty direct and you immediately clarify who wants what and whether you can give it to one another. Your favorite colors are gray, black, blue. The heels of your shoes are comfortable and not too high. Your bag is expensive.
    Strengths: You are power! You know what you want and how to achieve it. Nothing can stop you. You are very good at your job. Probably you work since youth and that’s why you have already achieved a lot for your age. Colleagues and subordinates respect you, but they are also little afraid of you. Men do not easily communicate with you. You’re successful, smart, you travel many and a lot of people envy you. Only none of them knows, that on your way home, when you go out of your nice office with your luxury car, it happens sometimes that there is no one waiting for you and you feel very lonely.
    Weaknesses: Men are afraid of you and the worst is that you are also very afraid of yourself. You have forgotten what it means to be a woman. Probably you are afraid of losing your husband or stay alone. This is entirely due to the fact that too long you have done everything alone and you don’t trust anyone.
    Recommendations: When was the last time you laughed or cried? Why you hide your emotions under the armor of a “successful woman”? Stop paying bills, do not refuse help, allow others to take care of you. You’re a woman – you’re the weaker sex. Get rid of this expensive trousers and put a sexual dress that might be not so expensive. Try to laugh for two minutes a day and to cry when you watch a romantic movie. You’re alive! And a living person has emotions!
    What men are suitable for you: Maybe it will sound strange to you, but for marriage perfect is the Creator. He is a man who will motivate you to succeed at work. He will not stand in your way, he will support you, so you can do whatever you want. For an affair and adventure – the Trader. There is respect and play in such relationship. With him it is never easy and that’s why it is interesting. He is difficult for marriage. The Explorer is for party. With the Ruler you can have a good friendship or business relationship.

    4. Housewife (Mother)

    Housewife (Mother)

    About you: You are caring, good, supportive, helping. You like to serve people – children, relatives, friends. You love to dress in natural fabrics and comfortable shoes. You don’t like jewelry, and if you put such, it is something gold, that you have inherited from your mother or a gift from a friend. Children love you, your colleagues often ask for your help. You have good relationships with relatives, colleagues, and even former husbands.
    Strengths: Caring, stable. People trust you and know that they can rely on you. Often they leave you keys, money and ask you to take care of their cats. People love to share their problems with you, because you always have the time to listen to them and support them. You’re monogamous, you can cheat only as a revenge. You’re very reliable and this attracts people.
    Weaknesses: When will stop thinking about others and start thinking about yourself? Look carefully in the mirror and honestly tell yourself, when was the last time you felt sexual attractive and you attracted male attention. You do not live your own life, but the lives of others – children, husband, friends. Where is your place in all this? For you it is important to awaken a dose of healthy egoism.
    Recommendations: Think of at least 5 things you want for yourself and do them. Go to a store and buy something beautiful and sexy. Then visit a hair salon: hairdo and manicure are mandatory. If you do not have enough money for it – ask for help the people, whom you have helped so much – now it’s their turn.
    What men are suitable for you: The Explorer is very suitable for your husband. He is funny and you feel good with him, because you give him stability and care, and he gives you adventures and spontaneity. With The Explorer you feel alive and intriguing. You can also have a good marriage with the Creator if you love to work and can provide him not only with a clean and tidy home, but also with a stable income. It is difficult to understand each other with the Trader, and there is no chemistry and attraction between you and the Ruler.

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